The best Ukrainian artist of 2023 is named: top 5 hits of Nadia Dorofeeva that broke the charts

Dorofeeva is recognized as the best artist of the year

The curators of the Ukrainian Hits and Ukraine Top 100 playlists on Spotify and Apple Music have chosen the best artist of this year. According to the Culture Awards 2023, Nadia Dorofeeva won the nomination.

Her hits have often topped the charts this year. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the artist has been releasing only Ukrainian-language tracks that have become popular with listeners. Culture Ukraine wrote about this on Instagram.

"Dorofeeva is the main pop star of our time on the Ukrainian stage, and it's really not so easy for artists of the 'old era' to break into the charts of streaming platforms, but it was in collaboration with progressive authors, producers, and directors that the performer was able not only to preserve her talent and recognition but also to multiply them," the page said.

OBOZ.UA decided to recall which of her tracks were the most popular this year based on YouTube views.

The most successful track of the star, which was a hit in 2023, was the song "Schob Ne Bulo" (Not to be) even though it was released in December 2022. The month was too short for the song to be pushed off the charts, so many music lovers associated the beginning of the year with it. This allowed the singer to collect 23 million views on YouTube and respond to the rumors about her romance with Mykhailo Katsurin with one track.

The second place with 12 million views on the platform went to the hit song "Kokhaiu Ale Ne Zovsim" (I Love You, But Not Quite). By the way, the dance motif is still in the top 30, even though it was released six months ago. It has become a kind of symbol of this summer.

The lyrical hit "WhatsApp" was only 1 million views behind. The song, dedicated to the separation of lovers, referred listeners to the tragedy of tens of thousands of Ukrainians whose families were separated by the war with Russia.

The video "Na Samoti" (Alone), which was released two months ago, has received over 2.3 million views. The theme is "love shining in the darkness".

The track "Khai Pyshut" (Let Them Write), once again dedicated to the artist's hatred, is a rising hit at the moment. It entered the top 13 songs on YouTube and became a hit on TikTok. In three weeks, the song has garnered almost two million views.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA wrote that in November this year, all Russian tracks dropped out of the Ukrainian top songs for the first time in a year.

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