Stay away from them! Seven phrases that give away "toxic people"

You should stay away from ''toxic'' people

Some seemingly innocent comments and remarks can offend, undermine self-esteem, and make you doubt yourself. It is especially dangerous when these phrases are said by people close to you, from whom you don't expect bad intentions. However, some people like to assert themselves at the expense of others, so they are often called "toxic.

You should stay away from such an environment, because their attempts to satisfy their self-esteem can be detrimental. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell about 7 phrases that make it easy to recognize such people.

"I wouldn't do that"

Behind this innocuous comment is a hidden condemnation, which, if not asked, can make one doubt one's actions. Often people are afraid or shy about something, forcing everyone around them to live by their "rules. However, it is worth respecting one's choices and desires without listening to unsolicited opinions.


"And I told you so"

A phrase that is usually said after a failure. A good friend or partner won't inflame it by pointing out every time that his opinion was correct, thus raising self-esteem.


"Is that a problem?"

Depreciating other people's problems is a sign of toxicity. Each of us reacts differently to setbacks and needs support. All emotions and consequences of certain actions should be lived through rather than carried away because they may seem unimportant to someone else.

"Is it really that hard?"

One should be able to build personal boundaries and answer "no" where it seems necessary. This phrase not only incites the interlocutor to do what he needs to do, but also makes him feel guilty about the rejection.


"Well, I'm sorry"

It is in this form that the phrase can be dangerous. Sincerely apologizing is laudable, but the variation of "well, sorry" that often sounds arrogant in tone only evokes negative emotions. It can make you feel even more distressed afterwards, because you expect understanding in the words of a loved one.

"I did/did this because of you, your advice"

It is very easy to shrug off responsibility and pass it on to another person. In order not to analyze their mistakes, "toxic people" often blame others for their failures, making them feel guilty.

"You don't know what you're talking about"

In this way people often try to undermine the credibility of their interlocutor and show their superiority. In this phrase we can clearly see the desire to humiliate and appear more intelligent in comparison to the interlocutor.


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