Sonya Morozyuk explained how she got two apartments bought two months apart and named her annual income

Morozyuk explained how she got her apartments and studio

Ukrainian artist Sonya Morozyuk, whose two apartments were found by ARMA (Asset Recovery and Management Agency), explained how she bought them two months apart in the summer of 2022. According to her, her father helped her with the real estate.

This allegedly happened even before Morozyuk met the son of the corruption scandal's defendant, Roman Hrynkevych. The "artist of meanings" wrote about this on Instagram. She also added a photo of two documents.

"In response to the accusation that 'two apartments were found in my possession'. There are apartments. But. My father bought one (having previously sold real estate in Kharkiv) and registered a share in my name. He is the payer. It's his money, not mine. I bought the other with partial help from my father, and he is a co-owner... We met Roman Hrynkevych almost a year after these purchases," the Ukrainian woman wrote.

Sonia Morozyuk commented on the availability of 2 apartments

According to her words and photos of the documents, one apartment was purchased on June 2, 2022, and the other on August 16 of the same year.

The artist showed the documents

For the first time, the artist also commented on how she got a 122-square-meter non-residential studio, which is estimated to cost 4.6 million hryvnias.

According to Morozyuk, she purchased this property at her own expense. The above amount is her approximate annual income.

Morozyuk talks about her annual income

So, to summarize, the 25-year-old artist has already explained that during her career she managed to raise funds for a part of her apartment, a workshop, a 2015 PORSCHE CAYENNE for 33 thousand dollars, and a lot of luxury jewelry, accessories, and clothes, the cost of which was calculated by journalist Ilya Kabachynsky.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you about Sonia Morozyuk, who is engaged to the son of a detained corrupt official. Her paintings are sold for thousands of dollars, and her work is advertised by top stars.

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