Skin and eyes suffer: 5 fashion mistakes that almost all women make in summer

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Fashion mishaps that can be avoided.

Summer is a great time to hide away warm clothes and create outfits with light and flattering clothes. However, in the pursuit of trends, we sometimes forget about certain nuances. For example, whether a dress or skirt is see-through. If so, everyone on the street will see what kind of underwear you are wearing.

Find out what fashion mistakes women most often make and how to avoid them. Read more in the OBOZREVATEL article.

1. Too thin a fabric

In one light, clothes can look spicy transparent, and in the sun - vulgar. Before leaving the house, we advise you to stand in front of a window on the sunny side and make sure that you don't see the "extra". If the material is too thin, wear nude-coloured underwear and a petticoat or a combination under the dress. This will make you feel more confident on the street.


2. Extra-mini and plunging neckline

It's not even about how bold you are in your choice of clothes. After the winter and spring chill, your skin needs to get used to ultraviolet light. Otherwise, there is a high risk of burns. We advise you to protect your body from the aggressive sun. To do this, use a protective cream and light, but closed clothing. This will keep your skin moisturised and well-groomed.


3. Staying outside without glasses

Not everyone likes this accessory. And in vain. Ultraviolet light is harmful to the eyes because it can impair visual acuity. Use high-quality sunglasses with a UV filter that suits your face shape for protection.


4. Tight clothing

Wearing tight clothes in summer is very hot. In addition, it impairs normal heat transfer and leads to overheating. The effect is exacerbated if you wear things made of synthetic fabrics. We advise you to give preference to loose-fitting and oversized clothes in summer.


5. Jeans made of thick denim

It often happens that women wear the same jeans at any time of the year. However, in summer, the body overheats from the dark colour and dense material. In warm weather, wear linen trousers, loose culottes or other models that won't make you feel hot.


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