Singer Voronova, who faces up to 8 years in prison for air defence video, deletes apology: what she posts after conversation with SBU

Voronova returns to social media

The ex-wife of Kyiv drug dealer Yuriy Chernetsky, singer Inna Voronova, who filmed and published the work of Ukrainian air defence, returned to social media after a conversation with the SBU. She removed her video with an apology and posted a segment of a "patriotic" track.

The blogger continues to post on her nstagram, where she complains about "karma" and is not too concerned about the fact that she faces up to 8 years in prison. Instead, she is looking for the positive in everything that has happened (to see photos and videos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Voronova returned to social media the other day, immediately greeting 7,000 new followers. The singer told the audience about her life, assured them that she was fine, and continued to blog.

The video with her apology to the Ukrainian people suddenly disappeared from her page, but a video for the track with the words "Yellow and blue is the colour of my DNA" appeared. In it, Voronova, with red lips and in an evening dress, sings about "invincible, unshakable, forever free yellow and blue hearts".


It should be noted that this act caused a new wave of criticism in the singer's comments.

Voronova explained to her followers that she had been "caught up in karma" and had been having bad luck for two weeks. But the singer found a positive in this - she realised who was her friend and who was not.


The artist promised to tell us in a month why she is failing, which means that she expects that the consequences for filming the air defence work will not catch up with her during this time.

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