Silver in the hair: Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, and other celebrities who went gray early

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Stars who went gray early.

Some people worry about gray hair breaking through in their 40s or 50s. And there are celebrities who have noticed these changes in their early 20s or 30s - and have embraced them calmly. They're not afraid to talk about graying strands in interviews. All to show, by example, that it's normal.

We tell you about the stars who feel comfortable with "silver" in their hair. Read more in the article by OBOZREVATEL.

1. Jennifer Lopez

The parents of American actress, singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez went gray at an early age. The celebrity knew she was going to have one. "Just when I started doing movies, I got my first gray hair. At the age of 23. It was all because of stress and pressure," Lopez emotionally told Lopez in an interview.

She is not complexed about it. She found a colorist, who dyes the roots every few weeks. Sometimes Jennifer appears in public with gray hair, which she does not disguise either with scarves or powder.


2. Katie Holmes

American actress, director and producer Katie Holmes started going gray while still married to Tom Cruise. At that time she was not even 30 years old. There were rumors in the media that it was all because of the constant stress associated with her husband's rude behavior and his passion for Scientology. Whatever the reason, Kathy doesn't worry about her gray hair. She only occasionally dyes her strands.


3. Alexandra Grant

American artist Alexandra Grant, who is dating Keanu Reeves, started going gray in her twenties. For a while she masked the "problem" with bright colors, until she thought about their toxicity. Now the artist has completely abandoned the coloring of her hair and is not ashamed to show her gray hair to the world. She is convinced that every woman should choose how she looks at any age.


4. Nicole Kidman

Australian actress, singer and producer Nicole Kidman started going gray at age 30. All because of the excitement of several miscarriages. The star had a hard time accepting the fact that she would not be able to carry and bear a child. Now she dyes her gray strands in lighter shades.


5. Kate Middleton.

Princess Catherine of Wales discovered her first gray hair in 2014 during her pregnancy. She was 32 at the time. She doesn't have any complexes about it. The Duchess often appears in public with silver glimmers at the roots, but for particularly important events she masks them with paint.


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