"She managed to overcome herself": Marichka Padalko suggested why her godmother Lidiia Taran might not return to Ukraine

Lidiia Taran is the godmother of Marichka Padalko's son

TV journalist Lidiia Taran, who took temporary refuge in France with her daughter Vasylyna during the full-scale invasion, seems to have plans to stay in France for a long time. The TV presenter's friend and godmother Marichka Padalko suggested in an interview with OBOZ.UA that Lidiia might stay in France because her high school daughter is likely to enter a French university.

According to the TV presenter, she admires her friend, who dared to "start things over in another language." Marichka Padalko says that she herself once tried to learn French and realized that the language is very difficult.

"She's getting a university degree in French, which is such a feat for me," Marichka says of Lidiia Taran. "I once tried to start learning French, but it was very difficult although I'm a philologist by training, and I also studied English and German. I admire my friend for pushing herself so hard. I don't want to talk about our age, but you must admit that languages at school are much easier than in older age. Lida did great."

Marichka Padalko and Lidiia Taran during one of their visits to Kyiv

"I don't know which country she associates her future life with, you have to ask her. You know how it often happens: life is tied to a child," Padalko continues, "And higher education in French is free, and this may be a prospect for her daughter, who is now in the 10th grade. But I think Lida will come to visit us from time to time."

Lidiia Taran with her daughter

During the full-scale invasion, TV presenter Lidiia Taran and her daughter Vasylyna took temporary refuge in France. Subsequently, Taran came to Kyiv several times, but she did not dare to return permanently, "The place where I bought an apartment turned out to be very unfortunate. My house is located near Artem's plant, a facility that Russian missiles are constantly trying to hit. They have already hit it three times, there were human casualties. In general, there is no guarantee that they won't hit it for the fourth and fifth time."

Lidiia with her mom in Paris

At the age of 44, the TV journalist became a student at a university where the sciences are taught exclusively in French. Lidiia Taran has repeatedly admitted on her social media page how difficult the language is for her, "Lord, why did you send the French such a beautiful but difficult language?"

Meanwhile, her daughter adapted very quickly in France, "Children usually adapt faster than adults. My daughter's immersion turned out to be complete: she gets up at six in the morning, goes to the train at seven, and at 7:40, Vasylyna is already at college. She is more adapted than I am because she is among her peers every day from morning until five in the evening. Now, I see that my daughter has even started to add French words to Ukrainian speech. In other words, she has taken a crash course in immersion."

Read the full interview with Marichka Padalko on OBOZ.UA on Sunday, December 24.

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