Putinist Okhlobystin said he almost died with his family in Donbas

Ivan Okhlobystin says he almost died in Donbas

The odious Russian actor Ivan Okhlobystin, who fiercely supports the war in Ukraine and even went to the front to kill Ukrainians, has recently appeared in the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia. In particular, he staged a "clown show" in Khartsyzsk and Dokuchaevsk, Donetsk region. Now the Putinist is playing the "hero," telling people right and left how he almost died in Donbas.

Okhlobystin's comments have already been spread by propaganda media. The star of "The Interns" pushes them with pathetic speeches about how he will continue to visit the occupied Donbas, despite the "danger to his own life."

Moreover, it turned out that Okhlobystin also brought his wife, children, and even his son-in-law with him to the occupied Ukrainian cities. He says that they need to see everything with their own eyes, especially the youth. He says that trips to Donbas "are the best vaccination against majoritarianism."

Putinist Okhlobystin said he almost died with his family in Donbas

So, according to him, the entire family of the disgraced Kremlin jester could have died in Ukraine. Okhlobystin said that they came under artillery fire several times, and that the shells allegedly fell near them. So what or who was the salvation for the Z-patriots' family? The actor quickly found the answer: "God protects us."

Putinist Okhlobystin said he almost died with his family in Donbas

Okhlobystin also said: "We left the hotel in Donetsk, and in the morning a shell hit it. When you come back from there, you don't get sick. It is true what they say: there are no snotty noses in war. And no one comes back from it as a liberal."

Interestingly, Okhlobystin himself admits that Putin's visits to the occupied Ukrainian territories look like "circus clowning." At the same time, the actor proudly bears his shameful title. This is not his first "clowning around". This summer he visited the suffering Mariupol. There, a terrorist accomplice entered a theater bombed by Russians and cynically burst into tears.

As OBOZ.UA wrote, earlier Okhlobystin also spoke about his crazy fantasies about the "destruction" of Ukraine. According to him, this is exactly the scenario pursued by the bloody dictator Vladimir Putin.

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