Povalii explained why she supported Yanukovych and even became his adviser

Povalii explains why she supported Yanukovych and even became his adviser

Singer Taisiia Povalii, who was born in the Kyiv region, built her career here, and then treacherously fled to Russia, recalled that more than 10 years ago she sat in one of the red seats of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as a member of the Party of Regions. She did not say what led to her decision to change her profession, but she noted that she admired the then-traitor president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, who was like her, and for whom she even became an advisor.

Povalii's attention was drawn to his "tragic" biography, namely the fact that he was raised by his grandmother in the countryside. A man of the people, so to speak. However, she missed the unpleasant moments of the "politician's" life, such as being behind bars, not knowing the state language, lack of intellectual abilities, and many others. The actress came to praise Yanukovych during an interview with a well-known Russian blogger Tatarka.

"I was in Donetsk. Viktor Fedorovych was the governor at the time. I have always been fascinated by how people live, and how clean the city is. And here's his biography, that he grew up without a mother, that he grew up with his grandmother in the village... You know, it's a kind of kinship: a man without a mother and he achieved such success. You know that Donbas was also important to me. Our Ukrainian core comes from Donbas," Povalii said.

According to the artist, she gained more life experience as an MP than as a singer. In particular, the collaborator still wonders why, after visiting the Russian State Duma, she was interrogated by the prosecutor's office.

Povalii explained why she supported Yanukovych and even became his adviser

"I received an offer from Viktor Fedorovych just a week before the congress. I got a tremendous experience. I may have hardened more than if I had been on tour somewhere and looked at everything that was happening from the outside. We came to the State Duma with a group of deputies. After that, we were summoned to the prosecutor's office, and I testified as to why we went to Russia, why we talked to the State Duma deputies, and why we entered the hall. We showed everyone that Ukraine was going the wrong way, that we should be friends with Russia, but many people did not understand this, did not see it, did not want to see it, and did not want to hear it," Povalii continued her "lesson" of Russian propaganda.

The collaborator was a candidate of the Party of Regions in the October 2012 parliamentary elections in Ukraine. In December, she officially became a deputy, but her public career did not last long, as she was deprived of her job at the end of 2014. The artist fled to Russia almost simultaneously with former President Yanukovych almost immediately after the Revolution of Dignity.

Povalii explained why she supported Yanukovych and even became his adviser

As can be seen from Taisiia Povalii's statements, she ardently supported the Donbas native and turned a blind eye to all his antics, both before and after his presidency. For many Ukrainians, Yanukovych became the main character of memes, because you could find pearls in almost any of his speeches: He spent 10 minutes trying to remember how to say "yolka" in Ukrainian but failed, struggled with a wreath during a flower-laying ceremony, said "the territory of our state should be made dangerous for the lives of citizens," couldn't pronounce the word "propagandize," invented his own proverbs and sayings, and much more. The Internet even coined a separate term for them – "yanukizms".

But despite his legacy of memes, Yanukovych had an equally large legacy of illegal activities. At the age of 17, he was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for robbery. At the age of 20, he was sent to prison again for battery. In particular, before running for the presidency of Ukraine, the fact of his cooperation with the KGB also surfaced.

Povalii explained why she supported Yanukovych and even became his adviser

"It turned out that the presidential candidate was simply illiterate. On the difficult path to the presidency, Viktor Yanukovych had to fight not only political rivals but also no less difficult enemies: grammar and spelling. When he filled out an application to become a presidential candidate at the Central Election Commission, he made a mistake in his academic title. So, we got the meme "Professor". You heard right, Yanukovych had an academic title. He is also a doctor of economics and an academician. Well, maybe when you buy three titles, there was a significant discount, or maybe he just made a mistake in the Silpo purchase list and instead of a doctoral sausage, his assistant bought him a doctorate," blogger Yarema Dukh joked on YouTube.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA wrote that Taisiia Povalii honestly and with pathos said that she went to Luhansk, temporarily occupied by Russia, to hold her concert and dreams of visiting Kyiv. To convey her pain, she even tried to squeeze out crocodile tears.

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