Not for everyone: 5 fashion trends of summer 2023 that visually fatten and shorten the height

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Capricious trends that do not suit everyone.

Before you buy fashionable things, remember that sometimes they can harm your figure. For example, add extra volume in the waist and hips or make your legs shorter. This is especially true for women of short or medium height.

We tell you what trends do not need to blindly follow. Read more in the article OBOZREVATEL.

1. Skinny Jeans

This closet item visually adds pounds, and if it has a low fit, it also distorts the proportions of the figure. We advise to pay attention to the basic Mom straight cut high-fitting. Wear them with shoes or sandals with a comfortable heel to stretch the silhouette.


2. Knitted dresses and skirts

Silhouette knitwear has a beautiful look on the figure if it is made of quality and dense material. If they are made of thin fabric - in the sun they give away what kind of underwear you wear, and emphasize even the smallest folds on the body. It is better to avoid such dresses and skirts, so as not to get into fashion mishaps.


3. Large cuts

Not all cuts on clothing can adorn the figure. Thus, naked thighs become visually wider, and legs become shorter. Especially if you have non-model parameters. If you like slits on dresses or skirts, let them be small. This will give an image of mystery and elegance.


4. Cargo pants

These are straight cut pants. Sometimes they may have an elastic band at the bottom, with voluminous patch pockets on the hips and large fittings. At first they were sewed from dense fabric of military colors, but today you can find cargos in the collections of designers from linen, wool and even silk. Due to the large pockets the cargos visually add weight to the image.


5. Animalistic prints

Animalistic prints are back on trend in 2023: zebra, leopard, tiger and snake prints. They can be worn, but as long as the pattern is concise and small in size. Large patterns make clothes cheap and vulgar.


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