No longer in fashion! Five summer dresses that are time to throw away: indicate a lack of taste. Photo

Bella Hadid often wears dresses with open shoulders

Unfortunately, fashion trends are fleeting. What was at the peak of popularity last year, in the present may not have any value. And if a year ago girls went crazy about dresses with a deep neckline on the chest and accent collar, in the upcoming season this model seems tasteless.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you which variants of dresses should be put aside on the top shelf or even thrown out altogether. It is worth noting that some styles are very beloved by the stars (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page) .

Dress with open shoulders

The seductive open-shoulder version of the dress will be irrelevant in the summer of 2023. This does not mean that the entire product should be thrown out, just put them off until better times, because fashion is cyclical. In addition, this model does not suit everyone. Open shoulders make the upper body more massive, especially if this dress has a flying silhouette. Replace this style with sundresses with thin straps.


Bandage Dress

Corrective bandage dresses a few years ago looked spectacular, but today they have lost their relevance and look too vulgar. Even Kim Kardashian, who was considered an avid fan of such things, stopped wearing them.


A fitted short-sleeve shirt dress

A shirt dress is a timeless classic, but only if it's not a short-sleeve version with a flared skirt. Today such a dress cheapens the image, gives out bad taste. Consider for yourself a similar product, but midi length with a belt and sleeve.


Dress with accent collar

Dresses in a romantic-school style with an accent collar no longer occupy the leading positions in the list of trends. According to experts, such products are suitable for teenage girls or will be appropriate for themed parties. If you like this romantic style, pay attention to the model "peasant dress" with a slit at the bottom of the skirt, puffed sleeves and a rectangular neckline on the chest.


Bell Dress

Not only will a dress with a bell skirt look ridiculous in the new summer season, but it also adds extra centimeters on the hips and makes the legs shorter. It fits only a certain type of figure and can disfigure even a perfect body.


Recall, earlier OBOZREVATEL told what things from the summer closet should not be worn in the office. Short shorts and translucent dresses will make your appearance vulgar. To arm yourself with tips follow this link.

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