"Motherland," "Sadok cherry colo khati" and "Shchedrik: Ukrainians staged an impressive performance in the second semifinal of Eurovision 2023

In the second semifinal of Eurovision 2023, which was held on May 11 in Liverpool on behalf of Ukraine, Ukrainian artists performed with an impressive performance. Thus, singer Maria Yaremchuk, rapper OTOY, and a participant in Junior Eurovision Zlata Dziunka took to the stage. Together they showed a powerful medley of Ukrainian songs.

It became known to OBOZREVATEL while watching the live broadcast. The Ukrainians performed famous Ukrainian songs in a modern arrangement (to see photos and video, scroll to the end of the page).


The number was called "Music Unites a Generation". Maria Yaremchuk was the first to appear on stage. She represented our country at the contest in 2014.


Maria opened the number with a song by her brilliant father Nazary Yaremchuk - "Motherland." Golden spikelets were placed on the stage, and portraits of prominent figures of Ukraine were shown on large screens behind Taras Shevchenko, Kvitka Tsisik, and the already-mentioned Nazariy Yaremchuk.


Next, rapper OTOY, whose brother died as a hero at Azovstal, read a rap to Shevchenko's poem "Cherry Orchard Colo Hati," which surprised the audience in the hall and the Ukrainian TV viewers on the screens.


The powerful performance ended with the legendary composition "Shchedrik" by Nikolay Leontovich. Maria Yaremchuk performed it in a duet with the young vocalist Zlata Dziunka. The girl came down to the singer from the dome of the hall in the guise of an angel.


It should be noted that OBOZREVATEL conducted a text online broadcast of the second semi-final. All the key moments of the broadcast are here.

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