Misguided Souls: Tom Cruise, Joaquin Phoenix, and Other Celebrities Who Caught Up in a Cult

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Stars that were part of destructive cults.

The world of show business and glamour attracts many people, offering fame and a life of luxury. However, along with this, there are traps that can seduce even the most skeptical stars. For example, cults.

In this piece by OBOZREVATEL, we tell about celebrities caught up in religious associations that differ in training and rituals from mainstream religious organizations.

Tom Cruise

American actor, film director, producer and screenwriter Tom Cruise in the 1990s on the advice of his first wife, Mimi Rogers, became one of the one of the Scientologists in the 1990s on the advice of his first wife, Mimi Rogers (and is still fascinated by this cult). It is a religious and philosophical doctrine according to which man is a spiritual being that can become immortal through reincarnation. This sect also teaches that there are many gods in the world, and that some gods are higher than others.


Joaquin Phoenix.

American film actor Joaquin Phoenix was 

initiated by his parents to be part of the destructive cult "Children of God" as a child. This is a form of evangelized religious prostitution that promotes and encourages sexual contact between adults and children and the corruption of minors.

In an interview the celebrity shared his memories of this difficult time in his life: "Unfortunately, my parents did not immediately realize that promiscuity had nothing to do with faith. Because this sect did not call itself a "sect. The followers said they were like-minded." From that time on, Phoenix did not associate with religious cults.


Winona Ryder

American film actress Winona Ryder lived with her parents in the Rainbow Family of Living Light commune as a child. Followers of this cult do not use electricity and other benefits of civilization. Back then, her mom would sneak in movies she projected onto the wall of the barn for her children. This inspired Winona to devote her life to acting. She realized that the cult adherents would oppose her desires to conquer Hollywood, so the girl ran away and made her dream a reality.


John Travolta

American actor and singer John Travolta, along with his wife Kelly Preston (the woman died of cancer in the summer of 2020) were passionate about Scientology from their youth. In January 2009, the couple lost their eldest son Jett: the 16-year-old boy died of an epileptic seizure. According to the actor, after the tragedy, he was supported by the Church of Scientology: "I can't imagine what I would do without them. Most likely, the tragedy could have been avoided if the couple had seen a doctor in time. The fact is that Scientology is against any medical treatment.


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