Mika Newton about the soundtrack to the propaganda series "Kadetstvo": I was not allowed to make decisions

Mika Newton recalled how her song became the soundtrack to the TV series "Kadetstvo"

In 2006-2007, a Russian television series, "'Kadetstvo' (Cadetship), which tells the story of the lives of students at the Suvorov School, was aired on Ukrainian screens. The project was filmed with the support of the Russian Ministry of Defense, and only now Ukrainians have realized that the series was propaganda, as it "educated" Russians to "defend" their country, but in fact - to occupy a foreign country through a bloody war. The show featured songs by the famous Ukrainian singer Miki Newton.

So, the audience while watching the series about the life of Russian cadets could hear the tracks "White horses", "Captivity," "Lunopark" and others. Mika Newton, who now lives in the U.S. but supports Ukraine in every way, responded in her InstaStories whether she regrets that period in her career.

Newton assured that back then, 17 years ago, she was very young and did not make decisions on her own. However, she was led to believe that cooperation with a Russian TV project was a guaranteed success, and therefore it was not worth refusing.

"I regret that there were times when we were indoctrinated that being in Russia was cool, and their language was cool. The educational institutions taught in Russian, the national news in Russian. And it's a shock when I think about it now. I signed when I was 16, I wasn't allowed to make decisions. Unfortunately, I didn't belong to myself. And when you're young, you think adults know better," Newton shared.


The star also added that despite her residence in America, she will continue to represent Ukraine on the international stage, so that our country becomes a powerful and reliable platform for the development of artists and not only.

"I believe that Ukraine will become the most powerful in the world. And I will do my best to represent it as best I can from my side," summed up the performer.


OBOZREVATEL previously wrote that one of the actors in Kadetstvo, Boris Korchevnikov, became a mouthpiece for Kremlin propaganda. The producer of the show, thanks to which the Putinist became famous by playing the role of Cadet Sinitsyn, Alexander Rodnyansky considers such fanaticism - the behavior of a sick man. The Ukrainian

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