Men in heels: 9 stars who lit up the Eurovision stage in shoes. Photo

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Men in heels: 9 stars who lit up the Eurovision stage in shoes. Photo

Shoes with heels were not always an attribute of women's fashion. On the contrary, they were worn only by men. In the XVI century - warriors of Asian and Persian cavalry. And in the late seventeenth century - the members of the French royal family and members of high society. Around the same time, these shoes began to appear in women. However, they had the shoes not as a symbol of status, but to visually increase growth, improve posture and add grace and sophistication to their movements.

As the years went by. Heeled shoes began to lose popularity among men. Mankind was already accustomed to the fact that only women could wear them. Now it's time for a change: fashion brands (like Rick Owens and Christian Louboutin) and celebrity men decided to dispel the stereotypes. And which of the participants of the international song contest Eurovision reminds everyone that high-heeled shoes are unisex shoes? Read the material of OBOZREVATEL.

1. Lord of the Lost (Germany)

German gothic industrial metal band from Hamburg Lord of the Lost performed at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with the song Blood & Glitter. They are lovers of shocking the audience with their shocking images, designed by Chris Harms, the vocalist, and guitarist of the band. The international competition was no exception. The German representatives took to the stage with gold makeup, latex suits with golden decorations, and shoes on thick low heels.


2. Wild Youth (Ireland)

In 2023, Ireland was represented at the Eurovision Song Contest by Wild Youth with the song We Are One. Frontman Conor O'Donohoe took to the stage in a gold jumpsuit with plaid and heels. The artist was probably inspired by Elvis Presley's style. Despite the high soles, he confidently danced and jumped out on stage.


3. let 3 (Croatia).

Croatia was represented at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest by the rock band Let 3, known for their vulgar tracks. On stage, the artists performed a song called Mama ŠČ. It refers to a "mean little psychopath": so the authors satirized the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The participants first performed in colorful costumes, at the same time reminiscent of officers' uniforms. Later they took them off and were left in long T-shirts, caps, and heeled boots. The Let 3 soloist was in a grotesque Hitler costume.


4. Achille Lauro (San Marino)

Lauro represented San Marino at Eurovision 2022 with the song Stripper. Then he appeared on stage in a transparent jumpsuit, cowboy hat, and high-heeled boots. During the performance, the artist put on a fire show, rode a bull, and kissed his guitarist. With his antics, he provoked a violent reaction from the audience.


5. Måneskin (Italy).

Måneskin, a rock band from Rome, represented Italy in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2021. The flamboyant musicians sang Zitti E Buoni and took home a crystal microphone. The collective took the stage with aggressive makeup, leather silhouette suits with extra deep necklines, chokers, and high-heeled shoes.


6. Wig Wam (Norway)

In 2005 Norway was represented by the Norwegian rock band Wig Wam, whose style belongs to the glam metal genre. The members performed the song In My Dreams. The band's leader wore a silver jumpsuit with shiny star figures, huge platform boots, a feather boa, and a black headband.


7. Verka Serdyuchka (Ukraine)

Ukrainian artist Andriy Danylko performed as Verka Serdyuchka at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007. Then he performed the song Dancing Lasha Tumbai and took 2nd place in the rating. The celebrity went on stage in a shiny silver suit, a headdress with a star, and high-heeled sandals. By the way, this outfit from the performance went to the ABBA The Museum, where an interactive exhibition "Good Evening Europe!" was held in honor of the 60th anniversary of the contest.


8. ABBA (Sweden)

The Swedish quartet ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest 1974. The members performed the hit song Waterloo. They took to the stage wearing somewhat futuristic clothes, and high-heeled shoes were not only on the women but also on the men.


9. Conchita Wurst (Austria)

Austrian singer and drag queen Conchita Wurst won Eurovision 2014 with the song Rise Like a Phoenix. The image of a "woman with a beard" was created by the artist in 2011. So Thomas Neuwirth (the singer's real name) sought to give people a reason to think about xenophobia and tolerance. At the contest, he appeared in a luxurious dress embroidered with golden threads and high-heeled shoes.


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