Make no mistake! Five secrets of handbag selection that all fashionable women should know. Photo

The bag should be chosen carefully

It is very convenient when your closet has a separate bag for every occasion, suitable for a particular image, but it is not always the case. Usually, when choosing such a useful accessory, you should consider its versatility.

There are several winning factors, which should be taken into consideration to ensure that the bag will be suitable for many things and will remain topical throughout the year. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about them (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

The color

Many fashionable women mistakenly believe that black is the most universal color. However, in the warm season, dark colors are very heavy on the image, so for every day it is better to give preference to nude colors - beige, milky, gray.



A good bag should hold its shape and not lose it even when you wear it every day. Accessories with sharp angles will do a better job than soft shapes.



Manufacturers of fake brand items usually rely on name and resemblance to the original, but do not care about the quality of the goods at all. It is better to choose a little-known brand that works to its name and does the job responsibly.



One quality bag will look more expensive and more cost-effective than two cheap ones that can be changed every day. When choosing a quality product, you should pay attention to the fittings, seams, and lining so that you don't have to repair the lock soon after purchase.



It's no secret that a good bag is one that is both roomy and compact. The choice should be based on your needs. If you need to carry documents or large gadgets, you can opt for a voluminous version, so as not to carry things in your hands.


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