Liquid and dry detergents: which is better to choose and what is the difference

What are the advantages of liquid and dry detergent?. Source: collage

Many Ukrainians use dry and liquid detergents for washing in a machine. However, there is a difference between them that affects the washing of different types of clothes.

Sante Plus experts note that powder detergent works well with dirt, grass and blood stains because it contains surfactants. Therefore, for stubborn and difficult stains, this product is the best choice.

Also, one of its advantages, which few people know about, is the content of bleaching agents. It perfectly copes with yellow stains on bed linen and whitens clothes. Powder laundry detergents do not foam too much and do not require additional water for rinsing. The bleaching formula is particularly effective at removing stains from white cotton clothes. This product is also quite economical, as a large packet of powder lasts for 100 washes.

The downside of this product is that due to its high PH, it can irritate sensitive skin. Therefore, to ensure its effective dissolution in water, the laundry should be washed in a high temperature cycle. However, small undissolved particles can cause rashes and itching on sensitive skin, in which case it is better to choose a liquid version.

For the same reason, powdered laundry detergent is not suitable for delicate items and hand washing, as it does not dissolve well at low temperatures. Since powder laundry detergent is more effective at temperatures of 60 degrees and above, it can result in higher energy bills.

The liquid detergent is well suited for brightly coloured synthetic fabrics and light soiling. It dissolves perfectly in water at low temperatures down to 40 degrees, so less electricity is needed. It does not leave white streaks on clothes and does not contain bleach, so it is well suited for washing in the gentle cycle. It is good for delicate fabrics and fabrics that can shed.

But many liquid powders can contain allergens, dyes and fragrances, and can pose a risk to allergy sufferers. In this case, there are more environmentally friendly certified options.

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