Like wine: 5 Hollywood stars who look better with age than they did when they were young. Photo then and now

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Hollywood stars in their youth.

When she is young, everyone is "looking" for herself. Not only in her profession and as a person, but also in her style of dress, hairstyle, makeup, and so on. Often these transformations are a failure. For example, too dark hair color aging, and baggy clothes make the body shapeless.

We tell you about the celebrities who at a mature age can give them a head start in their youth. Read more in the material OBOZREVATEL.

1. Kate Winslet

British film and voice actress Kate Winslet became world famous after the release of "Titanic". When she was young, in the '90s, she was looking for her own style. She experimented with the color and length of her hair. At social events, she over-linened her eyes, applied dark blush, and highlighted her lips with dark lipstick. She also wore translucent dresses that made her form look more puffy. All of this made the young beauty look old.

Now Kate is 47. The celebrity has become a true style icon. Wears elegant outfits and suits. At formal ceremonies she has minimalist makeup, and on Instagram is not afraid to show herself without makeup.


2. Halle Berry

American model and movie actress Halle Berry, who starred as Bond Girl in 2002, seems to have done everything in her youth to look older. Though, of course, this is just experimentation with style. Her "tricks" were a pixie haircut, earrings with massive jewels, bright lipstick and things predominantly black.

At 56, she still loves dark-colored outfits. Hallie drastically changed her hair, and she does her makeup only in nude.


3. Victoria Beckham

British singer, actress and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, also a former member of the group Spice Girls, in her younger years had problem skin, hair extensions, heavy makeup (pearlescent eye shadow and excess of highlighter) and wore minimal clothes. Starting in 2007, she began to adopt a healthy lifestyle: eating right and exercising vigorously. Later, she changed her revealing outfits for more discreet ones, and her makeup for a light look.

At the age of 49, Victoria not only learned to create images herself, but as a professional stylist helps others to choose the right outfits.


4. Jennifer Lopez.

American actress, singer, dancer and fashion designer Jennifer Lopez was a pretty beauty in the late '90s. But the star hid her natural features behind a strange brown lipstick and too dark hair. Over the years, she realized that she was more suited for eye-accented makeup and blonde or blond strands. These changes have significantly "rejuvenated" J. Lo.


5. Angelina Jolie

American actress, model and director Angelina Jolie in her 48 years chooses discreet outfits, makes straight or slightly wavy hair and applies minimal makeup. These elegant looks suit her incredibly well. But the Internet remembers this Hollywood beauty quite different. She often attended social events with too much makeup and not always a good hair color.


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