Lace, smoke and pearls: the best ideas for a prom manicure that looks expensive and sophisticated. Photo

Manicure ideas for graduation

Manicure is one of the key components of any image, and especially on prom night. Girls carefully choose the perfect design that will match the dress, combine with jewelry and accessories, and will be relevant for the spring-summer season. In 2023, you should abandon too long nails, and instead give preference to a medium neat length in the form of a soft square, almond or oval.

At the peak of popularity among graduates has traditionally been the French manicure. However, you should agree that on such a special evening you would like to make nail art more bright and unusual. OBOZREVATEL suggests a few ideas.

French, but not necessarily white


As we have already noted, the French manicure is an ever-present classic for graduation and beyond. This design always looks exquisite and elegant. But do not limit yourself only to the white color of the stripe on the edge of the nail. Make a rebellious black French, add shine with the help of gold or silver nail polish, look also at the bright palette, but choose a suitable shade based on the color of the dress.



Pearls on nails with a nude base looks expensive and unusual. And also it is one of the main trends of 2023. In such nail-art the main thing is to observe a sense of proportion and not to overdo with beads, so that the image did not become kolhozny.



On square and oval nail shapes, trendy smoky patterns will look interesting. It is not necessary to do them only in white, milk and beige tones. Play around with delicate blues, pinks and mints. Smoke combines beautifully with a dark base, but you still end up with an extremely delicate design.

Unusual Lace


Unusual ideas with lace also broke into the list of trends in 2023, and for graduates, this design is perfect. Openwork looks elegant and stylish. It can be perfectly combined with absolutely different shades of polishes, as well as add bright accents that match the color of the dress or shoes. Do not be afraid to do gold inserts, if it will be appropriate in the image. As a substrate in such nail art, gradient transitions with a matte effect are more often used.

Foil, rhinestones, beads and sequins


If you think shimmery designs have been out of fashion for a while now, you just haven't met their modern interpretations. Foil, rhinestones, beads, sequins, and just plain glitter are still great options for a special prom night.



Thin lines, large squares, chaotic stripes, triangles and other shapes are another trend for 2023. Geometric patterns in contrasting colors can be placed on each nail or on several. It looks especially relevant in a black and white palette, but for the prom, you can play with bright shades.

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