Kate Middleton is 42: what secret the princess has been hiding since her school years

Kate Middleton celebrates her birthday on January 9

Kate Middleton, the wife of Britain's Crown Prince William, celebrates her 42nd birthday on January 9 this year. The Duchess has become an integral part of the royal family and a favorite of British subjects. Her love story with the prince was the basis for the books, but Catherine is an interesting person in her own right.

The mother of the Duke's three children, as it turned out just a few years ago, knew for sure that William was her destiny. OBOZ.UA will tell you some interesting facts about her.

While studying at boarding school, Kate Middleton had a poster with William's photo hanging in her room. The princess's school friends told the biographers of the book William and Catherine: Their Story that she was obsessed with the prince.

Kate Middleton had a poster with a photo of William

"When we were sitting with my girlfriends and discussing the guys we liked, Kate always said that she was not interested in anyone and that no one could compare to William," the commentary reads.

At the time, the future lovers had not yet met. This changed a few years later when the future princess was studying at the University of St. Andrews.

The princess admired William even before they met

Although the story of the couple looks quite romantic, the princess herself did not tell her subjects that she dreamed of becoming the duke's wife while she was still at school.

Another fact known to a small circle of the Duchess's fans is her passion for photography. After graduating from university, Kate Middleton planned to master this profession professionally, but royal duties forced her to reconsider her life plan.

Kate Middleton loves to take pictures

However, her passion has not disappeared. Nowadays, the future queen's camera lens usually shows her children and family, and Kate's shots are often used by Kensington Palace as official photos.

Sometimes the princess's footage is used as official footage by Kensington Palace

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