Jolie in lace and Portman in a plush cardigan: What Hollywood stars looked like on their first red carpet outings.

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Natalie Portman has always liked to wear inexpressive clothes.

Clumsily done makeup, inept posing, and modest attire. These words can be used to describe the very first appearances of celebrities on the red carpet. At that time, these beauties were still looking for their style, and thought only about how quickly they could get away from the cameras and numerous flashbulbs.

Let us remember what Hollywood stars were like at the beginning of their careers. Read more in the article by OBOZREVATEL.

Angelina Jolie

American actress, model and director Angelina Jolie made her first red carpet appearance with her father in 1986. At that time she was 11. The girl for such a special event chose a lush white dress made of lace and with a massive collar. She completed her look with a necklace.


2. Natalie Portman

American theater and film actress, screenwriter and film director Natalie Portman never liked to wear extravagant dresses. And for her first public appearance she chose modest clothing. Black satin dress, the same color tights and shoes, and she threw a plush cardigan on top. She put her hair in a tight ponytail.


3. Scarlett Johansson

American actress, singer, model and political activist Scarlett Johansson now appears at social events in feminine and elegant dresses. But at the beginning of her career the star liked a completely different style. Thus, on the red carpet she wore oversize suits, wide pants, sweatshirts, leather jackets and massive boots. Her makeup was light. Only rarely did she put an accent on her lips.


4. Emma Stone

American actress Emma Stone during her first red carpet appearances in the crosshairs of the cameras felt very insecure. She often slouched and pursed her lips. And she chose dim, classic colors (gray, black and white). Now she is not afraid of stylish experiments. She dyes her hair in different shades of red, and wears sophisticated dresses in rich yellow, red, and blue.


5. Kristen Stewart

American actress Kristen Stewart, both in her youth and now, likes more masculine pants, shirts, T-shirts and sneakers. Thus, in 2002 for the first time she appeared on the red carpet in a black dress, which she complemented with a loose-fitting raincoat and sneakers to match.


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