Johnny Depp scared fans with his "non-Hollywood" smile with rotten teeth. Photo.

Johnny Depp surprised fans with his teeth

American actor Johnny Depp showed off his teeth during a photo shoot at the Cannes Film Festival and surprised fans who are used to Hollywood smiles on the carpet. For several days now, the Internet has been discussing the terrible condition of the artist's teeth, which he apparently has not treated for a long time.

Due to missed visits to the dentist, his front teeth have already begun to rot, users believe. OBOZREVATEL decided to show eloquent photos that scared the celebrity's fans (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

When Depp smiled and opened his mouth wide, it was clear that he no longer had his back teeth, and instead had metal implants. As for the front teeth, the star still has his own, although they have lost their aesthetic appearance.


The star's smile has turned yellow and in some places is covered with brown spots. Netizens speculate that this was caused by the star's smoking and coffee abuse.


Some users were frightened by the actor's dental condition and started talking about the star's poor health, while others were amused by Depp's smile.


"Stop showing me Johnny Depp's rotten teeth, I'm scared", "Johnny Depp's teeth are rotting", "Johnny Depp's teeth are crying out for help", "I'm so sick of seeing Johnny Depp's rotten teeth. Please, for the love of God, set a trigger warning," some messages read.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Johnny Depp burst into tears because of the standing ovation from the audience of the film The Favourite, in which he played the lead role. Read more about this in the article.

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