Ivo Bobul commented for the first time on the scandal of sexist statements and accused the journalist of trying to propagate herself on his name

People's Artist of Ukraine Ivo Bobul first commented on the scandal with the journalist Emma Antonyuk, who accused him of sexism because of his bias against women. The singer said that he did not consent to the publication of the conversation, and the interviewer, in his opinion, wants to propagandize.

The performer called the unpleasant words about women a "personal opinion." Ivo Bobul gave appropriate comments to the reporters of "KP in Ukraine" (to see photos and video, scroll to the end of the page).

During the interview, the artist tried to justify his sexist statements by saying that he had lived much longer than Emma Antonyuk. Moreover, because of the scandal during the recording, the artist allegedly forbade the journalist to publish the conversation.


"I've been on the stage for over 40 years, and she's 32 years old. That was my personal opinion. No one gave her the right to publish that interview. I told her not to publish it, but she wouldn't listen. Does she want to get high? She posted our phone conversation on YouTube. No one has the right to do that without permission. That's the rule of journalism," Ivo Bobul said.

Recall: the scandal erupted after the publication of the interview, which ended in a quarrel between the guest and Emma Antonyuk. The singer said that modern women are "mercantile" and "good girls should stay at home." In response, the interviewer tried to convey that prejudice against people based on their gender is discrimination and sexism.


Then the artist got personal and reproached Emma Antonyuk for not being married and not having children at the age of 32, even though, in his opinion, "it's about time."

As wrote OBOZREVATEL, earlier Ivo Bobul admitted that it was very difficult for Ukrainian-speaking artists before to engage in their creative activities, and even more so to make money from it.

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