"It all ended up in hospital": Polyakova told about a bad date, which could have left her without children

The situation occurred 29 years ago

Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova recalled one of her first dates when she was 15 years old. According to the star blonde, a guy in winter invited her for a walk, but the romantic meeting ended with a long treatment and suffering. The young artist wore a short skirt in the great cold, after which she ended up in a hospital bed with inflammation of the ovaries.

The celebrity told about this in the new episode of the program "Grown-up Girls" on Masha Efrosinina's YouTube channel. Then, she borrowed a fashionable jacket from her mother, complementing it with a mini-skirt and short boots. However, the desire to please a guy turned into serious problems for Polyakova (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

"A boy invited me to the Christmas party. I want to get dressed up. And it seems like all your clothes don't fit. Everything is old, horrible, nightmarish. And my mom had a gray leather jacket, very cool. It's minus 23 outside. Knee-deep snow. I put on a jacket, sweater, short skirt, capron tights, and boots. But I have to get to that Christmas tree. And so I walk to it, the wind is like this. I walk and realize that my feet are maroon and icy" - singer shared with Efrosinina.



Olga emphasized that this situation taught her not to sacrifice her own comfort for the sake of others. After the birth of her first child, she began to take her health more responsibly.


"It ended with cystitis, ovarian inflammation, two weeks in the hospital, antibiotics, shots. Today, it wouldn't even occur to me to sacrifice that much for someone else. I don't wear capron tights at all now, except on stage. I dress very warmly: thermal underwear, pants", - said the performer of the hit "Flip-flops".

Recently, OBOZREVATEL wrote that after the second birth, Olya Polyakova gained 22 kilograms. She showed off her maximum weight and confessed what life-changing event. The star was glad that not many people remember her in this appearance.

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