Investigation launched: Rammstein's Till Lindemann accused of rape

The musician denies the accusations

The Berlin prosecutor's office is investigating the case of Rammstein's vocalist Till Lindemann, which was initiated after several complaints from his fans. The girls said that during concerts, managers selected young ladies and asked if they wanted to come to a party after the show. According to them, they were drugged and forced to have sex there.

This was reported by DW. A little earlier, women began publishing posts on Twitter accusing Lindemann of rape and showing evidence: bruises on their bodies. By the way, rumours about the 60-year-old artist's abuse of his fans have been circulating for several years.

The musician himself strongly denies the accusations of sexual harassment against him. The vocalist's lawyer commented on the situation, saying that it was all slander.


"Serious allegations against our client were made by women on social media, especially on Instagram and Twitter. It was repeatedly claimed that at Rammstein's concerts, girls were drugged with knockout lollipops or alcohol so that our client could perform sexual acts on them. Without exception, these allegations are untrue," the lawyer said.


According to German media, the criminal case was based on two statements. The first statement was submitted to the Berlin police, the second to the prosecutor's office. The victims claim that they had sexual intercourse without their permission and were ill-treated.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Percy Hynes White, an actor in the TV series Wednesday, was accused of rape. Several girls complained that the actor sent them intimate photos, threw parties where he got them high and abused them. For more details, follow the link.


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