"I have one question for Povaliy." The traitor's colleague emotionally commented on her statement on the Russian stage

Povaliy and Yunakova once sang on the same stage

Despite the war in Ukraine, People's Artist Taisiia Povaliy continues to live and work in Russia and praises the aggressor country. Her colleague, singer Olga Yunakova, angrily addressed the sellout artist.

In an interview with OBOZ.UA, Yunakova recalled Povaliy's recent performance in a Russian city. The singer says that what she saw and heard made her feel disgusted.

"I don't condemn anyone, but I recently saw a video: Taisiia Povaliy in some Russian city shouting from the stage: "I love you, Russia!" It's so disgusting. I have one question: love for what?" Yunakova commented on the low behavior of her colleague.

Olha Yunakova, along with her husband and three daughters, is currently in Spain. When the invasion began, the artist volunteered to help Ukrainians at aid centers: "It was very hard for them. At first, they lived with relatives and friends, because the country provided very little help with housing. This is not Germany or Poland. They provided a little bit of hotel rooms and food. Ordinary Spaniards helped us a lot – they brought everything we needed in carts and sent thousands of boxes of humanitarian aid to Ukraine in trucks from our people who have lived here for a long time. But you know how it is: a person helps once, twice, or thrice, but cannot constantly take money out of their family budget. So now they are collecting as much as they can."

''I have one question for Povaliy.'' The traitor's colleague emotionally commented on her statement on the Russian stage

The singer admits that because of the war in Ukraine, she has no global plans for her future life: "For a long time I had dreams: blue sky and yellow sunflowers. Every morning I woke up in a bad mood. Now, of course, I have settled down. And, you know, I learned to live one day at a time. The sky is blue, the sun is shining – and thank you. I don't plan anything global. The war has weakened me. It all taught me to live in the mode of getting through the day, and thank God. And Russia has taken away all our immediate dreams for the future."

Earlier, in an interview with OBOZ.UA, music producer Oleh Bodnarchuk expressed hope that the traitor Povaliy would be held criminally responsible for trying to justify Russia's crimes in the war on behalf of Ukraine.

"I have never had any expectations from Taisiia Povaliy. I'm surprised at those who were surprised by her collaborative stance," said Bodnarchuk. "We don't know her, but we can get to know the artist indirectly through her repertoire. If we take into account Povaliy's songs, especially those she performs now, they are songs of an infusoria, a slipper for amoebas. Has she ever raised any social or philosophical themes in her works? Have we ever seen anything experimental in her performance? She is a restaurant singer, always has been, and always will be. A chansonette".

"The danger of Povaliy is that she is trying to justify all the atrocities of Russia in this war on behalf of Ukraine. There should be criminal liability for this. Her fate directly depends on Putin's life and health, and if he is gone, she will be tried," Bodnarchuk is sure.

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