How to simplify dishwashing: effective tips and tricks

The brain is frightened by the pile of dirty dishes, but it can be fooled a little

Dishwashing is definitely at the top of the list of your least favorite household chores. It's a chore that has to be done every day. Even the dishwasher does not solve the problem completely, because plates and pots before loading need to be washed from the remains of food.

But as OBOZREVATEL found out, there are several psychological tricks that can make washing dishes more enjoyable. You may even fall in love with the task!

Just one soapy sponge

The greatest resistance in our brains is the sight of a pile of dishes that need to be sorted out. Efficiency experts advise dividing such unpleasant matters into stages. With dishwashing, a trick that might be called "one soap sponge" can work. Put one dose of detergent on the sponge and use it all, without adding a drop. When you run out of soap, shut off the water and do something else to rest. The next time you go back to the dishes, the pile won't be so scary anymore. Make as many approaches as you need until you finish the job.

Easy case

All dishes that do not require washing with a special liquid or gel, wash immediately. For example, measure cereal for porridge with a measuring cup or drink water from a glass - do not put them in the sink, but rinse and immediately put them back. It only takes a second, but it helps to significantly reduce the pile of dishes you have to clean up later.

Free-standing sink

Piled up in the sink, all the dirty dishes look intimidating. In addition, it's harder to clean when the pyramid reaches the faucet. So don't dump everything on the pile. Stack some of the items that need to be washed at the sink on a special rubber mat. For example, do this with items that are not contaminated with grease and therefore easy to clean. The orderly appearance of dirty dishes will be perceived with less resistance by the brain, and you will have an easier time handling the wash.

Previously OBOZREVATEL told you how to arrange the dishes in the dishwasher to wash them as best as possible.

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