How to quickly remove grease and encrustation from a frying pan: The English method

To clean a dirty frying pan, you'll need an ordinary tea bag

Usually when washing dishes, we sometimes even unconsciously put off a frying pan or a large pot to the last moment. That is why it is difficult and not desirable to wash dishes that are heavily contaminated with grease and soot. But British housewives have invented a know-how to get rid of grease from a pan without extra effort and aggressive household chemicals.

OBOZREVATEL asked about the details of this method. To use it, you only need a tea bag.

To effectively clean dishes, it is necessary to pour hot water and immerse the tea bag in it. It does not have to be fresh, even already brewed will do. In this case, it is better to take several such bags.

The tea should act in the pan for at least 15 minutes. But do not keep it longer than 40 minutes either - in this case, there will be a plaque, which will have to be scrubbed off.

After such soaking, the tea should simply be drained from the pan. Under the influence of the tannins in its composition, the fat and soot should peel off and easily remove from the walls of the dishes. This method is especially suitable for dishes with non-stick coating, which require delicate cleaning. At the end of the wash, you will only need to wipe the pan with a sponge to remove any remaining grease, and rinse under running water.

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