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You can make your lips look bigger with makeup

Thin lips are not a vice, but a trait peculiar to aristocrats. However, modern fashion dictates its own rules and chubby lips are becoming more and more popular. It is not always possible and desire to correct the shape of a beautician, so to help can come to the right help makeup.

These beauty tips are often used by makeup artists, but they can easily be done at home. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about six secrets how to visually enhance your lips (to see pictures, scroll to the end of the page).

More gloss

Cosmetic products with a matte finish will give a graphic look, but you can not expect any volume from them. When choosing a lipstick, you should focus on the glossy effect or apply glitter on top.


Light Shades

Dark color in makeup, as well as in clothes, gives "slimness". It emphasizes the lines, while it is important to "blur" the borders for volume. Bright and light shades can help with this.



Without contouring you cannot do without it, so it is necessary to trace the contour of lips with a pencil. And it is especially necessary to highlight the upper lip, so that it does not look like a thin strip. The contour is applied 2-3 millimeters above the natural line.



There are always more wrinkles near the mouth, which take away the already small volume. So you should start your makeup by concealing them with concealer or concealer.

Makeup with a push up effect

You can buy special cosmetics with a volume effect, but they have their own peculiarities. Such glosses and lipsticks irritate the delicate skin, so unpleasant tingling and burning sensations cannot be avoided. It is due to irritation lips "puff up".



Before you makeup your lips should moisturize them with hygienic lipsticks. Dry and flaky lips will prevent you from creating a voluminous effect.

As wrote OBOZREVATEL, the new trend Diamond Crumbles, which literally means "scattered diamond", conquered women and men all over the world. The steel glitter on the eyelids became so popular that even singer Jared Leto repeated it.

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