How to look taller and a couple of sizes slimmer with these clothing tricks

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Tricky style tricks that pull the silhouette.

If you look at the rails of the railroad, in the distance they seem to connect, although in fact the distance between them does not change. This is a visual illusion. In the style of clothing, too, there are secrets that help visually change the proportions of the figure, height and volume. For example, a woman will look slimmer and taller in a suit with a semi-sheer jacket, pants that widen to the bottom and sharp-nosed pump shoes. And lower and full - in oversize clothes and ballet flats.

We share important and effective tips for visual correction of your figure. Read more in the article OBOZREVATEL.

Vertical lines

If you want to look visually slimmer, use vertical lines in your clothes. These are buttons in a single row, snakes, midi and maxi cardigan, long scarf or shawl, arrows on pants or prints in the form of vertical lines. Avoid too many lines and pleats: they make the figure look more voluminous.


Monochrome Matte Look

Fill up your closet with monochrome dark matte pieces. For example, anthracite, blue, blueberry or chocolate. Elegant and aristocratic will look the image of one color palette (as an option: rich green, emerald and dark bottle green). So you will be at least a few centimeters taller and 5 kilograms slimmer. Remember that lurex, decor and embossed elements make you look sleeker.


Choosing the right underwear

Any outfit can easily be ruined by too big, too small or incorrectly shaped underwear. The correct bra does not form folds at the armpits and on the back. But the contours of the panties should not be visible on the clothes and press on the buttocks.


Things in the right size



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