How to easily clean burnt dishes: you only need one ingredient

With the help of a life hack with rice, burnt fat comes off very easily

Burnt-on pans are a real problem when it comes to cleaning them. Under the influence of temperature, contaminants stick to the walls and bottom very firmly, and it takes a long time and effort to scrub them off, which can damage the material of the pot or pan.

OBOZREVATEL, meanwhile, has learned about a life hack that will help you deal with the problem quickly, efficiently and without exhausting friction. All you need is rice cereal, water and a little time.

To wash burnt food, pour a handful of rice into a vessel with stains, add a glass of water and put everything on the stove. Cook the cereal until it is soft. After that, turn off the fire under the pot and let it cool.

After that, the soot should come off easily and leave no residue. Finally, you will just need to wash the pot or pan in the usual way with a standard detergent.

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