How and when to prune the "women's happiness" spathiphyllum for more flowers

Proper pruning will help the spathiphyllum bloom more actively

Spathiphyllums have gained such a good reputation that they are called "women's happiness". The plant is one of the most effective air filters, it is credited with positive energy that attracts happiness to the home, and it blooms beautifully without requiring much care. However, experts still recommend pruning the plant from time to time for lush flowering and a spectacular appearance. Therefore, it is important to know how and when to prune spathiphyllum correctly.

The Express turned to indoor plant expert Vladan Nikolic to find out all the nuances. According to him, if the plant has a healthy appearance and all its leaves are in good shape, then you don't need to worry about pruning. But when it starts to lose colour, turn yellow, brown and wither, then the leaves and branches need to be removed. This will help prevent the problem from spreading further.

The expert also advises to carry out the procedure for spathiphyllum, and other plants, during the active growing season. This way, they will restore their appearance more easily. If you prune "women's happiness" in winter, it will take much longer to recover.

How to prune spathiphyllum

Make sure that you use disinfected secateurs or scissors for the procedure - this way you will not transfer diseases and pests from other plants. It is best to treat the tool with boiling water or steam. To remove a leaf or shoot, get to the base - you need to cut them off at the very root.

Do not only cut off diseased leaves, but also remove wilted flowers. This way, the spathiphyllum will not waste energy on them and will bloom more intensely and abundantly. Moreover, you can even remove flowers that have just shown signs of wilting - this only encourages the plant to bloom even more actively. If the flower stalks have already dried up, they can be easily pulled off by hand.

In any case, wear protective gloves when pruning spathiphyllum. The plant contains toxic calcium oxalate. Also, after completing the work, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before proceeding with any other tasks.

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