His leg was amputated: The media told about the tragedy in the family of Britney Spears

Britney Spears' family suffered a grief

The world-famous American singer Britney Spears has a difficult relationship with her father, who was her guardian from 2008 to 2021 due to the iconic star's problems with alcohol and drugs. However, the media suggest that the ice between them may melt. The star daughter is allegedly ready to reconcile with her father after a complicated surgery he had to undergo – a leg amputation.

Jamie Spears, 71, was diagnosed with a massive infection in one of his legs, which caused him to spend several weeks in the hospital. The man underwent 5 unsuccessful surgeries to contain the infection, but doctors eventually decided that amputation would be the only way out. This was reported by TMZ.

Insiders told the tabloid that Jamie Spears is not feeling well at the moment. After the amputation, his other ailments worsened and he became depressed. His depressed state is connected, among other things, to the criticism over his scandalous custody of his daughter. The man himself considers this unfair, as many fans have voiced the opinion that it was his father who once saved the celebrity's life.

Sources close to the Spears family also add that Britney has recently become softer towards her father. The pop icon of the 2000s even voiced her intention to financially help the 71-year-old with treatment, and also admitted that she misses her father.

His leg was amputated: The media told about the tragedy in the family of Britney Spears

As for Jamie himself, according to insiders, he wants nothing more than to reconcile with his daughter and does not hold a grudge against her.

Recently, Britney has been trying to improve family relations. She even invited her mom Lynn to Los Angeles for the weekend to celebrate her 42nd birthday. According to insiders, the family got along great. They have been talking on the phone for several weeks and supporting each other. The singer is also trying to communicate more with her sister.

After the publication of Britney Spears' scandalous memoirs, fans learned many shocking facts about the family of the singer of cult hits. However, the singer herself says that after "spilling the beans," she wants to finally reconnect with her family.

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