Harry Styles raised the Ukrainian flag on stage: the audience burst into applause and screams

Harry Styles supported Ukraine

One of the founders of the band One Direction and popular British singer Harry Styles expressed his support for Ukrainians during his performance. The concert of the star took place in the British city of Coventry, where the artist performed as part of the Love On Tour.

The blue-and-yellow flag was apparently given to him by a Ukrainian woman who attended the star's concert. The video appeared in her TikTok account (please scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo and video).

The musician demonstrated his solidarity with Ukrainians by raising the Ukrainian flag above him during the performance of the song Sign of the Times. Harry Styles walked around the stage with it.


The audience met this gesture of support with thunderous applause and loud shouts.

It should be reminded that this is not the first time the singer has expressed his support to Ukrainians. Moreover, last year he donated a considerable amount of money to help Ukraine - royalties from advertising products of the company Apple.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that in Moldova, at the concert of a Russian rapper who spoke against the war, the guards took the Ukrainians out of the hall and took away the flags. The artist stopped the performance and said: until the flag is returned - he will not sing.

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