Goodbye, youth! Five mistakes in makeup that add years and how to fix it. Photo

Angelina Jolie loved bright makeup when she was younger
Angelina Jolie loved bright makeup when she was younger

Sometimes it seems that the makeup is applied as usual, but it turns out to differ from expectations and to add years to the photo. Clearly emphasized cheekbones, dark blush and arrows tend to "age".

Makeup can not only emphasize beauty but also rejuvenate. OBOZREVATEL tells you how to make the right makeup and enjoy your look.

  • Clear lines in makeup

Attempts to emphasize the cheekbones, highlight the eyes with a black pencil and paint thick eyebrows add age. Makeup artists advise not drawing a "new face" with the help of contouring but only slightly emphasizing a few waving bones.

Witherspoon has repeatedly made mistakes in makeup.

The difference between the photos of actress Reese Witherspoon is about 5 years. She looks older in the left photo even though it was taken earlier. It's all because of the dark shadows that spoil the makeup.

  • Dark blush and contouring

It seems that blush rejuvenates, not adds age. However, this rule works only with light peach and pink shades. It is better to choose creamy products that lie on the skin naturally and do not make wrinkles visible. Burgundy or brown blushes not only do not remove traces of fatigue but aggravate the features of the face, making it angry and adding 5-7 years.

The star went too far with blush.

Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks beautiful in both photos, but she looks younger in the right one thanks to the soft blush.

  • Wrong arrows

Even if the arrows are slightly downward, the corners of the eyes and the upper eyelid fall with them, making the face look tired. It is important to be careful with black eyeliner because uneven lines can ruin the whole makeup.

Nicki Minaj humiliated herself with make-up.

The makeup of singer Nicki Minaj collected all the beauty failures: uneven skin tone, bright nose contouring, dark brown concealer on the lips and uneven black arrows. Model Ashley Graham, on the other hand, opted for colored arrows, which are rejuvenating and not flashy.

  • Thin and defined eyebrows

Thin painted eyebrows have long been an anti-trend and add age. A natural look is in fashion, so dark eyebrows just need to be shaped. If the eyebrows are light, you can slightly darken them, so as not to create a sharp contrast with eye makeup.

Angelina Jolie drew thin eyebrows.

Actress Angelina Jolie 10 years ago went out in public with drawn thin eyebrows, with made her look older. Now the Hollywood star has fallen in love with natural makeup and does not paint her eyebrows at all.

  • Lip contour

A clear lip contour adds 2-3 years as well. It is necessary to abandon this technique, opting for a blended version. To do this, use two lipsticks: one lighter and one darker.

J. Lo loves to make a rhick lip contour

Apply a light shade first, then a darker shade in the center of your lips. Smooth the dark lipstick from the center to the edges. Pop star J.Lo is a living example of how makeup can age.

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