Forget them if you want to have a slimmer look! 5 blouses that make you look fat

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Wear blouses to feel elegant. However, choose this item consciously, because even the smallest detail can ruin your appearance. If you want to hide excess weight, basque and flounces are definitely not your best friends.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you in detail about the most dangerous models of blouses for your figure. Some of them are suitable only for a special occasion, but not for every day (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

1 Blouse with a basque

Basque can both create the correct proportions of the body and distort the figure. If a girl's shoulders are wider than her hips, this element will emphasise the waist and make the shape more attractive. But if you have a pear shape, then put the basque piece aside.


2. Blouse with narrow sleeves above the elbow

A narrow sleeve will emphasise the volume of your arms and make them look even more massive. If you don't want your upper body to look large, choose products with a loose fit.


3. Blouse with a voluminous decor

Flounces, bows, ruffles and other massive decorative elements will not only draw attention to problem areas, but also add a few kilos. Anyone with wide hips can wear this piece to make their figure look harmonious.


4. Blouse made of shiny fabric

The shimmering fabric reflects light well, which is why it gives the figure extra volume. Such a thing will look appropriate at a club party, but not in everyday life.


5. Shapeless blouse

Oversized is in fashion, but the main thing is not to overdo it. Hoodie blouses are usually worn to hide extra pounds, but if a lady is slim, such products will make her look fat. Alternatively, emphasise the waist with a narrow belt.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told what not to wear with jeans. To avoid looking ridiculous, remember six combinations and don't repeat them. A silk blouse and denim trousers will not be admired by stylists.

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