"For me, Crimea is Ukraine": Volochkova's 2014 interview in Kyiv, where she condemns Putinists, surfaces online

In a 2014 interview, Anastasia Volochkova condemns Putinists and expresses love and support for Ukraine

Disgraced Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova is one of the main Z-patriots today. She regularly publishes shameful videos and makes propaganda statements in support of Russian aggression and dictatorial President Vladimir Putin. Back in April 2014, the dancer condemned her fellow Putinists for their position and even called them "political whores." Moreover, the star claimed that she considered Crimea to be Ukrainian and condemned its annexation.

All of these and other statements about her Ukrainian roots and love for Ukraine can be heard in Volochkova's interview for the "High Life" program almost a decade ago. The archival video was shared on TikTok, where it went viral. Viewers wondered how a person with an absolutely adequate pro-Ukrainian position had completely forgotten about her own beliefs in a short time and became an ardent Z-patriot.

Thus, the program host and the Russian ballerina met in Kyiv in April 2014. There, Volochkova presented her music video, which was actually filmed in the Ukrainian capital. At that time, Crimea was already occupied by Russia, and a number of Russian artists supported the Russian government's initiative to "return" the peninsula.

"I wasn't just afraid to go to Ukraine, I did it against all odds. I was so outraged by the statements of Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin, who started this discord. I love Ukraine very much, I love Kyiv very much. All of my grandparents were born in Ukraine, my father was born in Zaporizhzhia, my mother spent her entire youth studying in Lviv, at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute. I have a lot of relatives in Kyiv... That's why I feel like I belong here," Volochkova said in 2014.

''For me, Crimea is Ukraine'': Volochkova's 2014 interview in Kyiv, where she condemns Putinists, surfaces online

Volochkova strongly condemned the position of her colleagues who supported the Kremlin. The ballerina kept wondering how anyone could "disrespect themselves like that." It didn't take long for the dancer to become the one she despised.

"I think they are not very honest people who have no position. When a person moves to the right or to the left, depending on where the wind of power blows, for me these people are like political prostitutes. I have no respect for such people. Ukraine has always accepted us, Russian artists. And suddenly this person-Valeria-who just came here, worked here for money, now says: "We're not leaving." Well, don't humiliate yourselves," the Russian woman chirped.

Osadcha also asked whether Volochkova had been offered to go to the annexed Crimea for propaganda purposes. The ballerina said:"For me, Crimea is still a part of Ukraine. I feel embarrassed for Russia, so I would not participate in these programs."

It's hard to realize that today the same artist says completely opposite things, sings odes to Putin and glorifies the war in her "beloved" Ukraine. As the Volochkova of 2014 would say about herself, she has become a political prostitute.

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