"Flag of Ukraine is not a pareo!" What does a Ukrainian model with a 13th breast size look like and what did her fans accuse her of? Photo.

What a Ukrainian model looks like with a 13th breast size

Ukrainian plus-size model, author and singer-songwriter Mila Kuznetsova stands out among her colleagues for her particularly curvaceous shape. We are talking about the beauty's breasts, which are a size 13. Thanks to her bust, the 36-year-old Ukrainian woman even made it into the Ukrainian Book of Records.

Nowadays, Kuznetsova's 13th-cup breasts are her pride. She regularly delights her fans with fresh pictures of herself in swimsuits and dresses with plunging necklines. Her blog has attracted almost 750 thousand followers on Instagram. Although Mila herself did not always consider her shape a gift.

It was especially hard during her school years. Already at the age of 12-13, the beauty was noticeably different from her peers. It was not easy for her to find clothes, and she always had to wear sweaters several sizes too big to somehow hide her shape.


Soon Mila realised that her breasts were not a disadvantage at all, but a uniqueness and rarity that she could be proud of and even earn money from.


Nowadays, the girl does not hesitate to publish her candid pictures, often posing in lingerie or other seductive images. She says she sees it as part of her job, so she doesn't see anything wrong with such photo shoots.


"I am a confident person. Of course, it was a certain step to take part in such shoots, but I have already gained experience: one photo shoot, followed by another, another... So I take such offers as part of my job," the Ukrainian woman once told OBOZREVATEL.


However, sometimes these photos attract "unwanted viewers". There are many men who consider it appropriate to offer the model sex for money. Mila herself assures that she never agrees to such offers, and she has been promised more than tens of thousands of dollars.


The busty Ukrainian woman has many admirers. Each of her photos has thousands of likes and hundreds of comments with compliments. However, there is also criticism among them. Some Internet users believe that the model can go too far with vulgarity at photo shoots or post too "naked" shots.


And in June last year, the girl was hacked because of her video with a blue and yellow flag. She used it to cover her breasts. Some commentators did not see this as patriotism or support for Ukraine, but instead shamed the blogger, writing: "The flag of our country is not a pareo."


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that American plus-size model Ashley Graham, 35, graced the cover of the new issue of Maxim men's magazine and topped the list of the world's sexiest women in 2023. The curvaceous celebrity has overtaken such famous beauties as Bella Hadid, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne, etc. She is not afraid to show her "honest" photos without Photoshop and is a mother of three.

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