Elongate your silhouette and make your figure look sophisticated: 6 colours of clothes that slim you down. Photo.

Colours of clothes that will stretch the silhouette and make the figure slimmer

Black makes you look slimmer - and this is an indisputable fact. However, this does not mean that ladies who want to elongate their silhouette and visually reduce their shape should always wear gloomy dark clothes.

We will not hide the fact that it is dark, cold and muted shades that can provide the desired slimming effect, but light, warm and bright colours add a little volume. OBOZREVATEL offers to get acquainted with the colours that make the figure look sophisticated.



We have already mentioned black, and without it, the list of "slimming" colours will not be complete and correct. This colour is in the wardrobe of every fashionista and we dare to assume that it prevails there. And no wonder, because black suits everyone without exception. It perfectly copes with the task of "correcting" the figure, which is why women love it so much.



Dark brown not only elongates the silhouette, but also makes the look expensive and sophisticated. The noble chocolate shade is calm and practical, so it will perfectly fit into basic outfits. Brown knitwear looks especially harmonious, so we recommend adding a sweater or cardigan of this colour to your wardrobe.

Graphite grey


The graphite grey shade is able to correct the figure and add style to the image. It is important to choose a darker tone, as light variations of grey will create the opposite effect of "enlargement".



Blue is notable for being a cool tone, which means that it has the ability to visually reduce. Blue high-waisted jeans made of high-quality thick denim are a vivid confirmation of this. Remember how beautifully your waistline stands out and your hips are sexily rounded. It will be much harder to achieve this effect with lighter-coloured jeans.

Dark burgundy


A noble wine shade that makes any lady look like a million bucks. However, it also has a miraculous effect of visually reducing volumes. Maroon is especially suitable for sultry brunettes, emphasising their already bright appearance.

Cool green


A cold green shade will also help to hide all the "imperfections" of the figure. We also advise you to pay attention to the emerald colour, which will add nobility and elegance to the image. A straight-cut coat or oversized jacket will look especially good in this colour.

OBOZREVATEL also wrote about what colours you should forget about if you want a slimmer figure. One palette of shades makes the body look fit and athletic, while the other can distort the shape.

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