Don't make any mistakes! 4 colours in clothes are out of fashion in 2023: they are hopelessly outdated. Photo.

4 colours are out of fashion

There is a pattern: basic colours - black, beige, milk, brown, white, etc. - look stylish at all times, at any time of the year and regardless of changing fashion. But with bright shades, you need to be careful and always keep an eye on anti-trends.

Acidic and juicy colours, which were recently at the peak of popularity, look outdated and spoil the look in 2023. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about 4 shades that have gone out of fashion this season (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).


Last summer, fashionistas were delighted with the bright, yet restrained mustard colour. It was combined with basic shades to add interesting accents to the look. However, in 2023, it is better to give up mustard shorts, T-shirts and bags.


Bright turquoise

It is better not to use the shade inherent in the Tiffany & Co brand this summer. This particular colour has looked out of date for many years, so turquoise clothes are hard to find in stores and at shows of famous brands.



A warm, summer shade is not suitable for all beauties. It looks bad on girls with a cold skin tone and light hair, and also adds extra pounds because it merges with the skin.



Things that catch the eye from afar hint at a desire to stand out and desperation. This season, bright fuchsia has given way to softer shades of pink that are easy to style with clothes of other colours.


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