"Don't give up!" Alla Pugacheva wished peace to supporters of peace with a hint of war in Ukraine

Alla Pugacheva wishes peace to supporters

The famous Russian singer Alla Pugacheva, who left Russia after the full-scale invasion together with her husband, "foreign agent" Maxim Galkin, and their children, addressed her fans for the first time in a long time. The prima donna urged her fans not to "give up," which many interpreted as a hint of her anti-war and anti-Putin stance.

A new post appeared on the artist's Instagram page. Traditionally, Alla Borysivna's post caused hysteria among Z-patriots, who find it difficult to accept the singer's "betrayal," so they keep throwing mud at her.

Thus, in a new post, Pugacheva congratulated her fans on the "holiday of yellow flowers," which she invented herself in her youth and has been celebrating for many years on the first Sunday of March.

"The first Sunday of spring. The holiday of yellow flowers. Don't give up! Do not be upset! Peace to your home!" the artist wrote.

''Don't give up!'' Alla Pugacheva wished peace to supporters of peace with a hint of war in Ukraine

Some commentators saw the post as a kind of protest by the singer against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. "Thank you for not being afraid and not bending down!", "Don't give up! One phrase, Alla Borisovna, and we understood everything. Thank you for remaining a Human Being!"

In addition, according to some commentators, Pugacheva could have quoted the late Alexei Navalny, who asked Russians with an anti-Putin stance "not to give up after his death."

One way or another, Alla Borisovna once again made it clear, albeit in a very veiled way, that she did not support her country's aggression.

A few hours before this post was published, the diva posted a video on her profile, in which she shared: "I was the last to know, most likely, that the P.S. album was released. It's a nice anniversary present. Well, I can only give you new songs for the anniversary. Wait, my dear fans, just for you."

Z-patriots, meanwhile, cannot calm their own anger, so they write insulting comments about their once-favorite artist: "Fans? I remember slaves and serfs. Sing in a foreign land. You've lost most of your fans," "Calm down, Allusya. As they say, she died so she died, with such a voice it's better to keep quiet", "What did Russia, which gave her everything, do wrong? How can you betray your homeland, which gave you such fame, such height, such audience love? How? I feel sorry for her," "Who needs this woman?" I'm tired of you and your whole family... Live in your Israel and leave Russia and Russians alone. No one needs your pensioner songs. You're a pensioner, so live on your pension." "She loved her homeland during perestroika, when she was making money and living without troubles. In the USSR, it was probably good to be friends in the government without shame. But now, because of a foreign agent, she fled to God knows where. A strange language, strange people, and all my close relatives are far away."

Earlier, OBOZ.UA wrote that Alla Pugacheva was included in the anti-rating of "patriots " of Russia and took the first place there.

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