Demi Moore shared a rare photo of critically ill Bruce Willis: the stars celebrated their daughter's 30th birthday

Demi Moore shared photo with seriously ill Bruce Willis

The world-famous American actress Demi Moore has shared some new rare photos with her ex-husband and co-star Bruce Willis. The actor is no longer seen in public, and he rarely appears on his family's social media. It's all because of his rapidly progressing dementia. Therefore, the joint shot with the star of the films Ghost, G.I. Jane, Strip Tease, and others made the fans of the "tough guy" very happy.

The photo was taken by Demi Moore and Bruce Willis during the birthday celebration of their youngest daughter Tallulah. She turned 30 years old. The photo appeared on the 61-year-old actress's Instagram profile.

"Showering our Tallulah with love today, on her 30th birthday," Moore captioned the photo.

In the published photo, the star parents are standing next to their daughter and saying something to each other. Meanwhile, Tallulah is holding a ball. Obviously, the family was actively vacationing in nature, celebrating the girl's birthday in this way. Everyone looked smiling and carefree.

Demi Moore shared a rare photo of critically ill Bruce Willis: the stars celebrated their daughter's 30th birthday

The actress showed another shot of the birthday girl posing in a cardboard crown. Willis was no longer with them.

Demi Moore shared a rare photo of critically ill Bruce Willis: the stars celebrated their daughter's 30th birthday

It is worth noting that the former Hollywood couple, in addition to Tallulah, have two other daughters together: 35-year-old Rumer and 32-year-old Scout. Moore and Willis divorced in 2000 after 13 years of marriage. However, they still maintain warm friendships, and after her ex-husband was diagnosed with an illness, the actress supported him.

Demi Moore is often asked questions about the condition of seriously ill Bruce Willis. In a recent interview, she commented, "I think, given the circumstances, he's doing well. I'll share what I tell my kids, which is that it's important to just enjoy where they are and not hold on to what's not there. Because there is great beauty, sweetness, love and joy in that."

Two years ago, Bruce Willis was diagnosed with incurable aphasia, which caused him to speak worse, and in 2023, doctors stated that the movie star had dementia. Since then, his acting career has ended, and his family has been spending more and more time with Willis, whose disease is rapidly progressing.

For reference: dementia is a complex disorder, a condition characterized by a decline in cognitive functions (memory, attention, motor skills, intelligence and other brain-controlled processes) caused by intoxication, metabolic disorders, infectious and inflammatory or traumatic brain damage. It leads to domestic, public and social maladjustment.

In November last year, the actor's daughter Tallulah said that despite his absent-mindedness and forgetfulness, her father still loves her as he used to. "I see love when I'm with him, and he's my dad, and he loves me, which is really special," she said.

As previously reported, Bruce Willis could not recognize his daughters and ex-wife Demi Moore, with whom he was married for 13 years. The actor has difficulty moving around, and his temper has become more aggressive.

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