Bruce Willis' daughter shares positive news about his health

Bruce Willis is doing well

Bruce Willis, the star of Die Hard, who has dementia, still recognizes his family and is very happy to see his granddaughter Louetta, the heir to his daughter Rumer. Recently, they visited the artist, who welcomed the guests with open arms.

Rumer Willis told Today about this. The American, who has 4 sisters, was pleased to see that her father was as warm to his granddaughter as to his daughters. This shows that the development of his disease may have slowed down.

"Lou just started walking a little bit and she came up to him and it was so sweet. He is the girls' father. I saw him with my sisters, my younger sisters. And you see it all coming back again," the actor's eldest daughter rejoiced.

Bruce Willis' daughter shares positive news about his health

She said that she has been enjoying seeing her mother, Demi Moore, and father lately in places close to her heart and memory. The actor's family tries to spend as much time with him as possible.

For example, Demi Moore visits her ex-husband and his wife all the time. The last time she showed a photo of the star on his birthday.

Bruce Willis' daughter shares positive news about his health

Two years ago, Bruce Willis was diagnosed with incurable aphasia, which caused him to speak less well, and in 2023, doctors stated that the movie star had dementia. Since then, his acting career has ended.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you about the adult daughters of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. The eldest and middle one is a copy of her mother, and the youngest is her father's daughter. 

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