Brigitte Bardot, Barbra Streisand and others: 5 celebrities who abandoned their children. Photo.

After a while, the stars wanted to find their children

Many people believe that having a child is a gift from heaven. However, not everyone is ready to devote themselves to their heir. There are people who prefer career and personal happiness to caring for the person they were given life with. And stars, unfortunately, are no exception.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you which of the world's celebrities exchanged their own heir for fame, money and a carefree life. Some of them repented only in old age (to see the photos, scroll to the end).

Brigitte Bardot

An unexpected pregnancy was a real blow for French actress Brigitte Bardot. She definitely didn't want to raise a child, because her army of fans and the attention of men were closer to her than her own son. The first thing the artist did after she found out she was pregnant was to take a handful of pills with alcohol, hoping to provoke an abortion. However, the baby turned out to be stronger than her wishes. The child was born at the appointed time and suffered from Brigitte's relationship throughout his childhood. After divorcing his father, the celebrity tried to forget about the boy's existence. Years later, Bardot decided to establish a connection with the heir, but he said he would never forgive her.


Barbra Streisand

The American singer Barbra Streisand gave birth to her first and only son Jason in 1966 after marrying actor Elliott Gould. For the first five years, when the celebrity was not yet popular, she had enough energy and time to raise her baby. But after fame unexpectedly fell on Barbra, she put her son in a boarding school and forgot about his existence for twenty years. At the time, she was divorced from Elliott.


Eddie Murphy

In 2006, American comedian Eddie Murphy started an affair with Spice Girls member Melanie Brown. It soon became known that the singer was carrying a child under her heart. In December 2006, during an interview, Murphy asked the journalist not to jump to conclusions, as he was not sure that the girl was pregnant by him. On 3 April 2007, on the day of her husband's 46th birthday, Brown gave birth to a baby girl, Angel Iris Murphy-Brown. But Eddie said that he would not take part in the upbringing until his ex did a DNA test. Later, the actor admitted his paternity and promised to pay his daughter £7 million (324 million 957 thousand hryvnias).


Rod Stewart

The British rock musician became a father for the first time at the age of 17. When his girlfriend Suzanne Boffey became pregnant, the future star offered to get rid of the child. The chosen one refused to have an abortion, so the couple broke up. A year after the birth of her daughter Sarah, Boffey decided to give her to an orphanage because she could not cope with her mother's duties. The baby changed several orphanages, but was eventually taken in by a simple family of workers. At the age of 18, Sarah met her father for the first time. She forgave her relative when he recorded a single dedicated to his affair with Suzanne and sent it to her daughter with a note: "Love from Dad".


Joni Mitchell

Canadian rock singer Mitchell gave birth to a daughter while still a schoolgirl. A few months later, she gave the baby to foster parents, noting that she could not give anything to her child. And after 32 long years, the singer found an heiress.


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