"Better off in a trench!" EL Kravchuk responded to accusations of performances before Russians in Spain

EL Kravchuk was accused of performing for Russians in Spain

Famous Ukrainian singer EL Kravchuk faced criticism from internet users for allegedly performing for Russians in Alicante, Spain. Some users claimed that the artist's concert had attendees who spoke Russian and asked him to explain the meaning of Ukrainian-language songs. The musician clarified the situation.

Kravchuk assured that not only Ukrainians attended his performance in Alicante but also citizens from Latvia and Lithuania, his home country. These individuals did not comprehend the star's Ukrainian-language repertoire, but, as he affirmed in an interview with the SC Life YouTube channel, he communicated with them in English and not Russian.

For instance, one of the latest videos featuring the celebrity received the following comment: "This outrageous singer was also my idol, and now he's just nothing. In Spain (Alicante), he performed at a charity concert, and a day or two before that, he held a private party for Russians with champagne and caviar... Such a patriot."

''Better off in a trench!'' EL Kravchuk responded to accusations of performances before Russians in Spain

Mr. Kravchuk mentioned that this was just one of many negative comments directed at him. Some people wished for him to be in the trenches, and so on.

He explained, "None of this is true. When I arrived in Alicante, in the evening, I sang for Ukrainians, but there were people from Lithuania, from Latvia. I was born in Vilnius. There was a moment when I was asked to translate the song and tell them what it was about. I speak English easily. But someone from the Ukrainian diaspora started writing: 'Why did he come here to this charity event? He would have been better off in a trench!'"

After reading the hateful comments, the musician presented evidence that he regularly performs for Ukraine's defenders on the front line. He stated that their attitude toward him changed dramatically.

''Better off in a trench!'' EL Kravchuk responded to accusations of performances before Russians in Spain

"I showed the documents, and every concert at the front has a small document with the part you sang in, with people's signatures. And I have a lot of them; they are digitized. And I have 10 of these documents in the public domain of Alicante. And it started with people bringing me flags and coffee, inviting me to dinners, wanting to give me a massage, grabbing me, apologizing. But there was no champagne and caviar, and no Ukrainian party either. It's all nonsense and not true," Kravchuk assured.

The singer also expressed his discomfort about being abroad when there were constant alarms and explosions in Ukraine, as he was deeply concerned about his family.

"Unfortunately, comments are only sometimes based on the truth, and then people make up something. Someone just doesn't like me and thinks: 'Here I am sitting here, and he is traveling around Alicante.' And I didn't like Alicante at all! How terrible it is to be somewhere now, and your mother is in Kyiv. It was such a nerve-wracking story, this whole trip," the artist said.

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