Ben Affleck, Madonna and others: celebrities confess their biggest regrets in life. Photo

Madonna is disappointed in love

It is normal to make mistakes. After all, the best teacher is negative experience. Many people believe that the more failures a person has when they are young, the more comfortable they will feel in adulthood and will surely understand how this world works. Even celebrities do not hesitate to talk about fakes, claiming that they have helped them a lot.

OBOZREVATEL will share what mistakes have affected famous people the most and what they will regret for the rest of their lives. You'll be surprised (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Ben Affleck - divorce from Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Lopez's husband Ben Affleck divorced Jennifer Garner in 2015 after 10 years of marriage. The former lovers have three children together. The divorce was officially formalised only in 2018. After the end of the relationship, the artist began to abuse alcohol, and in one interview, he admitted: "The biggest regret in my life is my divorce. I didn't want it. It upset me, it hurt so much...".


Will Smith - rejection of The Matrix

Will Smith does not deny that he regrets two things. The first was slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars when he didn't like a joke about his wife. And the second is his refusal to star in the sci-fi action film The Matrix. It turned out that he was offered the role of Neo in the cult film, but he refused because he thought the idea was ridiculous. "I chose The Wild, Wild West. I'm not proud of it." While The Matrix grossed more than $465 million, The Wild, Wild West was a huge flop," the celebrity said on his YouTube channel.


Selena Gomez - does not keep in touch with old friends

During her appearance at a meeting with the cast of The Wizards of Waverly Place, singer Selena Gomez admitted that she blames herself for not keeping in touch with her former co-stars. "I was ashamed of the decisions I made. And I didn't want you guys to see me in the state I was in."


Quentin Tarantino - the man who crippled Uma Thurman

In 2018, Uma Thurman spoke about her traumatic experience of filming Quentin Tarantino's violent martial arts film Kill Bill. The actress told The New York Times that Tarantino forced her to perform a dangerous stunt on a sandy road that nearly killed her. The star sustained serious injuries that left her with dislocated vertebrae and twisted knees. She noted that the film director was unrepentant of the harm he had caused her. After a while, Quentin himself said: "It's just awful. Watching her struggle... Remembering how I told her it was safe and that she could do it... It was heartbreaking. Apart from one of the biggest regrets of my career, it's one of the biggest regrets of my life."


Madonna - marriage

Unlike many of the legendary singer's colleagues who are ready to say "yes" three or even more times, even two times was too much for Madonna. In the 50 Questions video posted on the pop diva's YouTube channel, she was asked: "What decision in your life do you consider to be not the best?". To which the artist replied: "Getting married". A long time ago, in a conversation with journalists, she also joked: "I think everyone should get married at least once to understand what a stupid and outdated institution it is."


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