Begged on the street but became a star: How a random photo turned a poor girl's life upside down and made her a famous model

The model is married and raising a daughter

Until a few years ago, 20-year-old Rita Gaviola of the Philippines had to beg on the street every day to help her parents feed her siblings. The girl lived in poverty in Luqban City. Her father worked as a garbage collector for little pay, and her mother was a housewife raising six children.

In 2016, a Filipino photographer met Rita on the street. He took a few shots of the child, noticing that nature had given her an incredible appearance. The man published the shot on his personal blog, and a few days later it went viral all over the web. The artist had no idea that with the touch of a button he could change the fate of the beauty. OBOZREVATEL shows you how Gaviola looks now and tells you what she does (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

The girl was born May 13, 2003, until the age of 13 her life was like hell, because she had to eat and live on the streets, begging for money. After a fateful meeting with a photographer, the Filipina began to be invited to shoot, she became the breadwinner of her family. In online circles, the model was nicknamed "Bajo Girl" because of her ethnicity.



As a schoolgirl, Rita got her first contracts, a few small roles in TV shows, and became the youngest participant in the popular reality show Big Brother. The beautiful girl's story spread all over the world. Many of her fans supported her financially. In 2018, Gaviola revealed that she was able to purchase a new home for her family. She thanked one Grace Kreutzer from America, who paid for the construction.



Now the model's Instagram page has almost 200,000 subscribers. As it became known, she got married and last summer gave birth to a daughter. Rita Gaviola shares her everyday life with fans and often shows her little copy.


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