Baby Lasagna: 10 interesting facts about the potential Eurovision 2024 winner

Croatian Baby Lasagna with the song "Rim Tim Tagi Dim" in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024

Croatia is particularly excited: this year the country has a very real chance of winning the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in its history. It is represented by an outrageous musician with the pseudonym Baby Lasagna.

According to the results of the two semifinals of the contest, bookmakers predict a confident victory for the guy. The singer ripped the audience apart with his incendiary song "Rim Tim Tagi Dim". During his performance, the applause and cheers of the fans did not stop for some time. In this article, OBOZ.UA collected interesting facts about the representative of Croatia Baby Lasagna.

Who is this star guy with the pseudonym Baby Lasagna?

The singer's real name is Marko Purišić. He was born in the Croatian coastal town of Umag on July 5, 1995. His music is described as a mixture of pop punk, techno, metal, and house.

His musical career began in the rock band Manntra, where he worked as a guitarist from 2011 to 2016 and from 2018 to 2022. It was only in 2023 that Marko Purišić released his debut single "IG Boi".

History of the Baby Lasagna pseudonym

Perhaps many people, hearing the singer's pseudonym, think that it appeared because of his love for lasagna. But this is not the case. In fact, the singer likes pizza much more than lasagna.

"I was just walking in a park by the sea in Novigrad. I was looking for a store to buy a bottle of water because I had a headache and the name just came to mind. My friends liked it, they said it sounded funny and cool. I hear that a lot of hip-hop artists have names like "Baby this" and "Baby that," so I wanted Baby, but something stupid, so it turned out that I'm Baby Lasagna!" he said in an interview.

In search of a better life

Baby Lasagna says that the song "Rim Tim Tagi Dim" is about leaving your country in search of a better, richer life. "A lot of my lyrics are written subconsciously, I talk about things I don't really think about. In Croatia, we have a lot of problems with young people leaving. Subconsciously, maybe, this song is about young people leaving our country in search of a better place, with a heavy heart. The song says "in my anxiety attacks, I am going to miss you all but mostly the cat".

Baby Lasagna is very fond of cats

"Meow cat please meow back!". Of course, after such words in the song, you will not be surprised by the fact that the singer adores cats. He has three cats himself and mentions them everywhere, "One is very sweet and nice, the other is always outside, and the third is like a princess, like a 'don't talk to me' one."

Inspired by Rammstein

Fans have compared the song "Rim Tim Tagi Dim" to the song "Cha Cha Cha" by Finnish rapper and singer Käärijä, which was presented at the Eurovision Song Contest last year. And there is a reason for this: it turns out that both artists were inspired by the German rock band Rammstein.

"Rammstein to the end! When I first started, I wanted my first riff to sound like a Rammstein riff. And Käärijä has a Rammstein tattoo, and he said he wanted to sound like Rammstein in the first part of the song, so we both took it from Rammstein."

Baby Lasagna does everything

Baby Lasagna is not just a singer. He is a man of many talents and admits that he creates his own music. "I write, record, mix, and master. I do everything."

Second attempt

This year's participation in the contest is not his first attempt to conquer the Eurovision stage. In 2019, he participated in the Croatian national final of Dora as the guitarist of the rock band Manntra. They performed the song "In the Shadows" and took 4th place. Although he is no longer part of the band, he still keeps in touch with its members.

Baby Lasagna could have missed this year's competition

After the application period for the Croatian national selection show DORA ended, HRT selected 24 participants and Baby Lasagna was not among them. Instead, he was placed on the reserve list. However, in early January, the singer Zsa Zsa decided not to participate, and thus Baby Lasagna was selected.

He could have been a teacher

Baby Lasagna comes from a family of educators: his mother and several other family members work as teachers. And the singer himself says that he would most likely have become a teacher too if he hadn't decided to pursue a music career instead.

He watched The Office 11 times from the first to the last episode

In one of the interviews, the singer was asked what he dreams of most, if, for example, he had time to be alone, what would he do? And Baby Lasagna said that he would simply turn off the Internet and go to bed to watch the TV series The Office, "This is my safe zone. I silently turn off the Internet on my cell phone and watch The Office with Elizabeth. I have seen the series eleven times from the very beginning. I'm having fun. It's a kind of mental trick, I would say."

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