At what temperature should the bed be washed: named the ideal option

The right temperature and regime will rid the bed of dust mites

The bedding in which we spend a third of our lives should be hygienically clean and properly laundered. This will ensure not only comfort during sleep, but also help save health. After all, the fabric, which accumulates microscopic particles of skin, tend to get dust mites.

OBOZREVATEL asked for professional tips about the temperature of washing bed linen, which will provide maximum cleaning. Experts advise to take into account several factors.

First of all, you need to take care to get rid of dust mites. Fortunately, these microscopic organisms die at a temperature of 50 degrees, and it is suitable for washing sheets on pillowcases made of any natural fabrics. However, the washing cycle should be set as long as possible - at least 2 hours.

If you have cotton bedding, you should also be guided by its color. Colored items will fade very quickly if washed at temperatures above 50 degrees. White linen will look even better if you subject it to washing at 90 degrees.

Flax is also very unpretentious to the temperature regime. Qualitatively, it can be cleaned in a range from 60 to 100 degrees. So here, too, we should be guided by the color of the fabric and the dye resistance.

Experts also advise against filling the washing machine drum to the top when you wash the bed. A little space should be left between the items to allow the water, with or without detergent, to flow well through the fibers. You can add even a little less detergent or gel than the instructions suggest - too much detergent can make the fabric of which the bed is made, stiff and cover it with an unsightly gray stain.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told you which product will help to soften and refresh the bed, if you add it during the washing.

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