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Celebrities who were critically underweight

Anorexia is more than just being too thin. It is a mental illness that can have serious health consequences and even lead to death. It is characterized by loss of appetite and an overwhelming desire to shed pounds.

What drives people to go on hunger strikes? It can be problems in the family, low self-esteem, rude comments from acquaintances or increased anxiety. We tell in the article of OBOZREVATEL about the stars who suffered from anorexia and the reasons for its occurrence.

1. Mary-Kate Olsen

American fashion designer, actress and producer Mary-Kate Olsen started acting in TV series and movies together with her twin sister Ashley when she was a child. In 2004, she felt the downside of popularity.

Busy schedule, stress and separation from her sister (Ashley began to live separately) negatively affected the mental state of the star. As a result, Mary-Kate developed anorexia, due to which she had to undergo treatment in a rehabilitation center. The actress came to the specialists in a critical condition. Then her life was on the brink. Now the girl is more careful about her health.


2. Nicole Richie

American actress, singer, photomodel and designer Nicole Richie also could not withstand all the "charms" of fame. After constant harassment by the paparazzi, she developed anorexia on a mental background. The girl had to disappear from infospace for a few years to be cured and get back in good shape.


3. Victoria Beckham

British singer, actress and fashion designer Victoria Beckham began to lose weight when she was a member of the Spice Girls. She was told by a producer that she would increase her popularity if she lost a few dozen pounds. The celebrity took this "valuable" advice too seriously, so she began to deplete the body with diets, wearing a corset and long hours of training. As a result, she had to be treated for anorexia for several years.


4. Angelina Jolie

American actress, model and director Angelina Jolie lost her mother in 2007. After that, the celebrity hardly ate or slept. Her weight began to rapidly decrease. Then the world media "pounced" on Jolie, accusing her of promoting excessive thinness, to which she asked not to worry in a difficult period of life. Angelina is still trying to regain a healthy weight with varying success.


5. Lily-Rose Depp

American-French actress and model Lily-Rose Depp was treated for anorexia early in her career. Her schedules were draining: constant movie shoots, fashion shows, and attending social events. In an interview, she shared this bitter experience: "It was very hard for me to fight the disease. Anybody who knows what it's like to have an illness knows how hard it is to have a normal life".


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